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As chief investment attractiveness of the regions in the field of agro-industrial complex most market participants point to various measures of state support. On October 10, Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Ivan Lebedev and Igor Kuzin at the meeting of the State Duma Committee on agrarian issues, presented the draft Federal budget for 2018 to deputies, under which subsidies for per-hectare support, subsidies per liter of milk, and also assignments for direct payment of capital expenditures will not be provided. However, representatives of regional ministries of agriculture are confident that for agro-industrial complex and the dairy industry in particular in the regions there will be created all conditions for development.

"Special attention in Nizhny Novgorod region is paid to development of dairy and beef cattle breeding. In order to support farmers are paid subsidies for compensation of part of expenses for 1 kilogram of sold or shipped for own processing milk, and in the framework of economically significant program "Development of dairy cattle breeding with the use of modern technological solutions in Nizhny Novgorod region in 2014 – 2020" subsidies are provided for construction (reconstruction) of cattle-breeding facilities up to 50 % of the spent financial means" - said in an interview with The DairyNews Elena Chervonnova, head of Department of food and processing industry of the Ministry of agriculture of Nizhny Novgorod region.

The problem of lack of quality raw milk was raised by Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Crimea Yaroslav Mikhaylov. He said that despite the fact that due to the subsidies in the Crimea agriculture is actively developing today, its own production of milk in the Republic provides no more than 30% of the needs of the processing industry. "I want to emphasize that the Crimea is provided in full with milk as such, i.e. there is everything in stores: milk, kefir, yogurt, sour cream - anything one can imagine. But we are talking about the fact that there are processing capacities of the Crimea, which are occupied only by 20-30% due to the lack of high-quality raw materials", - noted Yaroslav Mikhaylov.

He also added that today the Crimea is working in accordance with the General Federal rules. "For a long period of time, agriculture of the Crimea has not been given proper attention. For 20 years no one was looking at agriculture. Two years in a row we give subsidies to farmers who at first did not believe it could be like that: they are given money and nothing is taken in return. One of the leading enterprises of the Crimea produces 11 thousand liters of milk per head today, they have about 3.5 thousand of milking cows and they are an example that it is possible and necessary to work in the Crimea today", - said Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Crimea.

In 2016, the volume of subsidies for farmers of the Republic of Crimea from the Federal budget amounted to more than 57 million rubles.

According to Nelli Alexeeva, Deputy Head of the Department for socio-economic development of the rural area of Tomsk region, the main task in the region is food security, and regional authorities provide the farmers all kinds of support. "If you talk about any special conditions created in the region for farmers, here we are talking about the range of measures ranging from provision of land plots to concessional lending. Also, I can point to various programs of state support: if the project is a new farmer in the field of beef and dairy cattle breeding, 3 million rubles is provided," said Nelli Alekseeva.

It is worth noting that in 2017 in Tomsk region to increase the productivity of dairy cattle there have been allocated more than 330 million rubles from Federal and regional budgets. At the moment the payment from the regional budget for dairy farms in the region is from 2.5 to 9 rubles per kilogram of marketable milk depending on the production zone.

We will remind that the Federal support of concessional lending will increase from 25.3 billion rubles this year to 53.5 billion rubles next year, and to 57 billion in the future.

As a whole, according to The DairyNews survey conducted in the framework of the exhibition "Golden autumn", the majority of regional agricultural agencies state that in 2018, the regional support of agriculture will be at the same level as this year.

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