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- Ten years ago we looked at the whey as waste, we returned it to be fed to cattle and there were problems with sewage. Today whey for the dairy industry is a huge reserve of finished products and, consequently, revenues, including export, said Maria Klimova.

She added that Gomel region is moving in this direction by leaps and bounds.

Thus, on 12 October 2017 at the Polesie production site of JSC “Milkavita” in Khoiniki there was opened a renovated workshop for production of whey powder.

"The company is now able not only to dry the milk and produce the whey of various degrees of demineralization, but also to develop new products for fodder production — whey-fatty concentrate. This is a new product for Belarus, it is necessary and it is in demand," — said the representative of the Ministry of agriculture and food.

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Какой будет цена на сырое молоко?

Центр изучения молочного рынка (ЦИМР) фиксирует сокращение цены на сырое молоко в регионах. Dairy Index RDRC на 11 марта 2019 года составил по данным ЦИМР 25,64 руб/кг (без НДС, жир-3,6%, белок-3,0%), на 0,4% ниже показателя начала прошлой недели и на 8,37% выше марта 2018 года. The DairyNews узнало прогнозы участников рынка по развитию ситуации с ценой.
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