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The share of the TOP 50 companies - producers of milk on the Russian market reached 15.98% in 2016; for comparison, in 2015, the share was 14.3% of the total amount of marketable milk produced in the country.

The largest volume of raw milk was produced by enterprises which are state property (holding - "State property"). The analysts of the Russian Dairy Research Center have put some new enterprises related to state ownership, on the Dairy map RDRC; in this regard, the growth rate of milk production of the state enterprises amounted to 67.5 thousand tons (+27.4%), compared to 2015. The share of state ownership in the total volume of milk production in the country amounted to 1.8%.


The five leading companies have remained unchanged. The first place in milk production in the country is occupied by JSC firm "Agrocomplex named after N.I. Tkachev," which increased production by 8.8% (17.9 thousand tons) in 2016; the second place belongs to LLC "EkoNiva-APK Holding", which increased the production volume by 22.1% (39.7 thousand tons). The leaders of the rating are developing with a minimum gap of 1.6 thousand tons of milk. The third place remained with JSC Ak Bars that showed modest growth in 2016 +2% (2.8 thousand tons). JSC "Krasny Vostok-Argo" came to the fourth position in 2016 with the index of 116.9 thousand tons of milk per year (+16.6% compared to 2015). LLC “Set Ile” went down to the fifth position with the volume of milk production 109.5 thousand tons.


In 2016, the top ten included a new plant, not represented in the rating of 2015, the Concern Pokrovskiy with a result of 100 tons of milk a year. GC Avida went down to the 12th position in spite of the increase in milk production by 5% (3.2 thousand tons) by the results of 2016. GC Green Dale increased milk production by 54.4% in 2016, and has risen in the rating by 4 positions.

There were no radical shifts in the rating TOP 50 companies-producers of milk of 2016. In addition to the concern Pokrovsky the rating has included two new companies, JSC Agroholding Moloko (the 25th place) and the largest producer of milk in the Udmurt Republic, the holding Komos Group (the 24th place). The holding Molvest due to the launch of a new company, LLC Agricultural enterprise Milk Chernozemya in 2016 has risen by 18 positions in the rating and took the 17th place with the total volume of milk production 50.6 thousand tons. At the same time, LLC Interkros Center in 2016 fell by 16 positions to the 35th place with a gross yield of 28.2 thousand tons. LLC APK Food program has lost 14 positions to 43rd place with volume of milk production 25.2 thousand tons.

The rating data indicates that the Russian market is characterized by a high concentration of milk production, the "mastodons" continue to invest in the construction of new facilities and increase production volumes while planning the establishment of their own processing, but also new players are becoming active, an example is the JSC Molvest, one of the largest processors in the country, developing the raw material base.

TOP 50 companies – producers of milk 2016

TOP 50 companies – producers of milk 2015

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