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The DairyNews reminds:the Rosselkhoznadzor said that during a meeting of representatives of the National Union of milk producers under the leadership of the Rosselkhoznadzor, Vice-President of PepsiCo, a member of the Soyuzmolokoon corporate relations in Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries and the countries of Central Europe Sergei Glushkov presented a copy of the internal document of the Rosselkhoznadzor with the restrictive marking "confidential".

"Taking into account the fact that this is not the first case when "Soyuzmoloko" and PepsiCo receive the internal information of public authorities of Russia, the dismissal of Mr. Danilenko and Mr.Glushkov from their posts would be quite logical," - said Julia Melano.

Her words are based on the fact that in November owned by Andrei Danilenkowebsite Milknews published the news, which also contained a link to a document of the Rosselkhoznadzor. The Russian Supervisory authority regards it as "open "intimidation" of Russian citizens by Soyuzmoloko with thepossible price increase for dairy products."

It also became known to our Agency that on 24 November 2016, the news agency Milknews (owned by SOYUZMOLOKO) published the news "Introduction of electronic veterinary certification of dairy products can be shifted for 2019", which reported that a source in the industrial community told the news agency about the letter of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia with the request to shift the time period.

In addition, Julia Melano noted that the Rosselkhoznadzor addressed to law enforcement authorities because of suspicions to the American company PepsiCo that it used the illicit access to the documents intended for official use.

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