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As it was explained in the Department, in the framework of the audit of the trade network "Auchan", on the shelves of one of the hypermarkets in the city of Moscow the Rosselkhoznadzor detected cheese "Blue Delis", "Gorgonzola", "Santa Rosso", "Cheddar", "DorBlu", the manufacturer of which, according to the label, is LLC "Allgoy". It is also established that on the territory of the hypermarket part of the products of the same manufacturer was packaged with subsequent marking, where LLC "Auchan" is mentioned as a manufacturer.

During the audit of the store "My Auchan", located in the city center, at Tverskaya street 4, the Rosselkhoznadzor inspectors again identified the cheeses on sale on the label of which the same manufacturer LLC "Allgoy" is listed. On the label of cheese "DorBlu", "Ceccano", etc. there is applied a black stamp "producer of cheese (raw material) — Switzerland", however, the number of enterprises that allows you to set where and what specific manufacturer produced the product, is not present both on the label and in commodity-transport documentation. According to the label, the manufacturer of the cheese is LLC "Allgoy" (Russia, Moscow). The importer to the Republic of Belarus is LLC "Shedevry vkusa". However, the Belarusian company LLC "Shedevry vkusa" is not certified to supply their products to the Russian recipient. Thus, it was not possible to identify during the inspection, where dairy products came to the territory of Moscow from, summed up in the Rosselkhoznadzor.

According to the inspectors of the Rosselkhoznadzor, these facts indicate a high probability that the products were imported from countries the import of products from which into Russia was banned, and they were repacked at the Moscow company with the aim of smooth selling on the territory of Russia. The administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor is carrying out an administrative inspection. By the results of the inspection the request will be forwarded to the Prosecutor’s Office for inspection on the revealed fact and suppression of legalization of illegal products.

The DairyNews has already reported that the Rosselkhoznadzor fined LLC "Allgoy" at 110 thousand rubles. 

Later, "Auchan" has denied statements by the Supervisory authority.

Earlier, The DairyNews conducted an investigation on the supply of sanctions cheese “DorBlu” by the producer “Allgoy”.

In September, the Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolay Vlasov promised to take measures if the supplier of "Dor-blue" violates the law.

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