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Last week inspectors of the Rosselkhoznadzor detected another case of selling products prohibited for import to the Russian Federation retail chains in Moscow region. So, in shops of Metro there is sold blue cheese "DorBlue". According to the label, the manufacturer of the cheese is LLC "Allgoy" (Russia, Moscow), reported in a press service of the Department.

The importer in the Republic of Belarus is LLC "Shedevry vkusa". However, LLC "Allgoy" is not the manufacturer of the cheese, and it carries out its activities exclusively in terms of packaging of cheese. In accordance with the administrative investigations of the Service the Rosselkhoznadzor has reasons to believe that the products were imported from countries that are under ban to import their products to Russia and repacked at the Moscow company with the aim of unrestricted sale on the territory of Russia.

With this fact the Rosselkhoznadzor appealed to the Prosecutor’s office with a request to agree on carrying out an unscheduled inspection of LLC "Allgoy" with the purpose of verification at the identified fact and suppression of legalization of illegal products.

Taking into account the widespread sale of the sanction products on the shelves, the Rosselkhoznadzor will send a formal request to the Rospotrebnadzor to provide information on the activity of this Department to prevent sale of the sanction products in retail chains and online stores.

Follow the link to read more about sale of DorBlu cheese in Russia. 

Earlier, the Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolay Vlasov said that the Agency will take measures if a supplier of cheese DorBlu is breaking the law.

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