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This fact, according to the Roselkhoznadzor, indicates that the American company uses illegal methods of obtaining information from state bodies.

The Department has already addressed to the senior manager on interaction with public authorities PepsiCo-Russia D. Tretyakov with a request to provide the Rosselkhoznadzor with information on who and when sent the internal document to the company with the aim to investigate the fact.

"The service asked to justify the reason for collecting the internal information of the limited distribution of the Rosselkhoznadzor by PepsiCo", - said at the Department stressing that after the disclosure of information an official investigation will be conducted.

However, they did not specify in the Department which document is being discussed.

We will remind that in October this year the media reported on a letter with an attachment signed by the Deputy Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Nikolay Vlasov in which the Department demands to strengthen the control over the products of more than two dozen companies that are members of Danone and WBD. According to individual market participants, this action was due to the categorical position of companies regarding the introduction of veterinarian certification for finished products.

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Трудности молочного экспорта

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