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The Head of export "Packaging factory «MILK»’s Vladimir Serdukov will demonstrate the Russian packaging aluminum foil and die cutting lids of high quality during the exhibition in the African continent for the fifth time this year. Each such event brings the company a lot of new business contacts. On the basis of previous exhibitions they have already delivered products to Kenya, Uganda and Madagascar.

The market of Africa is comparable with the Russian one in volume. Local dairy producers order packaging in India, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates. That means that the die cut lids made by "Packaging factory «MILK» in accordance with European standards will be of interest to those businessmen who need to distinguish their products from the competitive one at the supermarket window. Such problem can be solved with the help of glossy unembossed die cut lid, that has a whole list of consumer advantages in comparison with the other embossed analogues. The African customer’s interest is caused by the joint offer – supplying not only packaging but also packaging equipment from "Packaging factory «MILK»’s partner – The Pyatigorsk’s machine-building plant PROFITEX.

Тендер на экспорт

В 2018 году Владимир Путин поставил перед аграрной отраслью амбициозную задачу – увеличить экспорт продукции более чем в 2 раза до $45 млрд к 2024 г. Для реализации цели Минсельхоз потратил около 100 млн. рублей на разработку концепций развития экспорта различных категорий продукции.
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