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"The opening of a plant for the production of cheese and other dairy products is another success of our investment policy, an example of constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation with large domestic business", said the head of the region Andrey Klychkov. 

The Governor also emphasized that the new enterprise opens additional prospects before workers of dairy animal husbandry which development is one of the most important tasks for an agroindustrial complex of Orel region.

"The region has a significant potential in this area, and now with the opening of the plant, Orel cattle breeders, farmers and the dairy industry as a whole have serious incentives to further increase milk production. State support for this direction is increasing every year", said Andrey Klychkov.

During the construction of the Orel plant, a complete reconstruction of the old building of the dairy plant was made for a modern enterprise for the production of cheeses and other dairy products.

The volume of investments in the modernization of production amounted to more than 1.5 billion rubles.

The company was established as part of a joint investment project of the group of companies "Syrobogatov", the government of Orel region and VTB Bank.

At the production site of the Orel dairy plant, there were opened workshops for the production of semi-solid cheeses, butter production, whey thickening by nanofiltration, slicing and packaging of cheeses.

The production unit is fully equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, which is an automated line consisting of several workshops and sections. Process management is carried out through a centralized system that combines all equipment into a single complex. Modern membrane technologies are used in production processes. Bactofugation is used to achieve high quality milk intended for cheese.

The products of the plant under the brand name "Orel cheeses" can be purchased by buyers throughout the Russian Federation and in the CIS countries, both in retail chains and in small retail stores.

The production will use the milk of local livestock enterprises and farms, which will support the agro-industrial complex of the region as a whole.

Orel dairy plant plans to launch production in 2 stages. As part of the first stage, it is planned to process up to 350 tons of milk per day. Products: semi-hard cheese, butter, condensed whey. At the second stage, it is expected to increase production capacity for milk processing to 500 tons of milk per day. It is planned to produce cheese, butter, whey powder, brine and cottage cheese.

The company will create 250 new jobs. 

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