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The Federal Agricultural Department, responding to the request of the Deputy on the implementation of the import substitution policy, stressed that "it is not possible to ensure import substitution in the dairy industry".

"Last year, — emphasized in the reply of the Ministry of agriculture, - milk production remained at the level of 2015 - 30.7 million tons." The share of domestic products is only 80% at the minimum required, according to the Doctrine of food security, 90%.

"At present in order to meet the needs of the population and provide a range of dairy products, there is a need to import, which is estimated at the current production level as 7.5 million tons," - said in the Ministry.

Separately, in response to a parliamentary inquiry it is stressed that over the period since 2013 imports of dairy products in recalculation for milk has decreased by 1.9 million tons with the growth of production in agricultural enterprises and individual farms by 1.4 million tons over the same period. Import substitution of dairy products due to the growth of domestic production amounted to 74%, said in the Ministry of agriculture.

The Ministry also explained the timing of possible full import substitution in the dairy industry.

By the estimations of the service, "the rate of growth in milk production in corporate farms and individual farms will remain at the level of 3% per year taking into account the current level of government support and investments due to long payback period of costs in the dairy industry due to the implementation of the genetic potential of livestock productivity, improved food supply, technological equipment and rational management of the herd."

"Hence, the full import substitution will need at least 9-10 years", - stated in the Ministry of agriculture.

Currently, stressed in the Ministry, they are working to increase state support of investment activity in dairy cattle breeding. That, in the opinion of the Ministry of agriculture, will shorten the time of import substitution in the dairy sector up to 5-6 years.

We will remind, last year the supply of cheese from foreign countries increased by 17.6%, also supplies of butter rose from 17.2 thousand tons in 2016 to 18.4 thousand tons in 2017. The supply of milk powder from abroad increased from 43.1 thousand tons in the same period of 2016 to 48.4 thousand tons in 2017.

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Год назад 18 мая Дмитрий Патрушев был назначен на должность главы Минсельхоза России. The DairyNews предлагает читателям вспомнить, что обещал министр и как изменилась отрасль за период руководства федерального аграрного ведомства экс-директором Россельхозбанка.
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