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"The main fallacy lies in the fact that some market participants present products that are not milk, for milk and dairy products, therefore, find themselves in unequal competitive conditions", — said Tsyganov. 

The presence of milk powder in dairy products from Belarus discriminates Russian producers, if they don't do that, he said. "If our producers do not do so, it means discrimination. So, we need to see how to solve this problem," said Tsyganov. "If this milk (with addition of milk powder) is bad, then we need to withdraw it from the stores," he added.

The second problem that FAS sees today in the dairy market is a price disparity, "when in the regional dairy markets collectors gather to enter into cartels and make anticompetitive agreements and hold prices for raw milk ".

According to Tsyganov, FAS reveals violations on the regional dairy markets and considers about 10 cases a year. "So we didn’t have federal large companies that misbehaved," — he stressed.

Earlier, the Head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert said about the deformation of the Russian dairy market as manufacturers of quality products can't compete with those who produce cheaper products with the addition of palm oil. In particular, Dankvert drew the attention to the fact that from the Russian shops began to disappear the butter from New Zealand, instead of which "came the Belarusian products". The Rosselkhoznadzor believe that the Belarusian milk processing enterprises falsify products "out of greed", adding milk powder.

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