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"We actively support the development of industry of products with a protected geographic name. The Ministry of agriculture has developed a draft concept of the promotion of such products. Its implementation will allow increasing export of products with a protected geographic name up to 27 billion rubles by 2025," - said the head of the Ministry.

According to him, in Russia there are a lot of famous and popular brands that are "tied" to the region of origin. They are: Vologda butter, Adygei cheese, Baikal omul, Bashkir and Altai honey, Tula gingerbread, Tsimlyansk wine, he said. "At present they are known mostly within the country, but there is a serious potential for presenting them abroad, the Minister said. - Today the promotion of gastronomic brands is a global trend. With people’s passion to quality food products with a protected geographic name, there has grown a whole industry of gastronomic tourism".

"Such products are actively purchased by tourists and exported by the producers. Such products are sold on average twice as expensive due to the high standard of quality and wide popularity. Global volume of the market of products with geographic names exceeds $150 billion," he said.

According to Alexander Tkachev, the Ministry supports the project "Gastronomic map of Russia", which is being implemented by the Federal tourism Agency. There will be also created a single interactive map, which will cover various regions and introduce unique food products, dishes and culinary traditions with a geographical reference to the Russians and foreign travelers, he said.

The Minister also confirmed earlier forecasts for exports this agricultural year (July 2017-June 2018) of 45 million tons of grain, up to 700 thousand tons of sugar, about 3 million tons of vegetable oil. The mechanism of subsidizing of railway transportation of grain from hinterlands to export ports will allow exporting 3.3 million tons of grain, he predicts.

As it was clarified by Alexander Tkachev, currently up to 30% of the total value of food exports is grain. Among major export items, he also called fish and vegetable oil. He expects that during the next years Russia can achieve serious results in the export of meat and sugar. "We also have a huge potential for bringing quality Russian wines to the world market", he added.

The Minister said that Russia currently trades with 140 countries and is constantly expanding the geography of supplies by entering new markets. "The main task is diversification of supply and increasing the share of finished products. We are interested in supplying not only grain but also meat, sugar, other food products and will increase their amount. We confidently develop markets of such far away countries as Bangladesh and Nigeria. We are developing relations with Latin America", - said Alexander Tkachev.

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