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The coffee chain Starbucks helped the co-operative Arla Foods to establish a supply of milk to Russia, writes fontanka.ru. In early 2017, the company received Russian certificates for five milk-coffee drinks, and in February began selling them, this was written about by The DairyNews. As reported by ATL, 75% of the volume of the package of 200 – 220 ml is milk and the remaining 25% - coffee and sugar. Thus, this product does not fall under the embargo, which Russia imposed in 2014, and may be freely supplied to the domestic market.

The Russian division of Arla Foods recognizes the experience as successful. As Commercial Director Elena Ostapkevich told to "Fontanka", the company has managed to establish a supply to the largest trade networks – "Ashan", "Perekrestok", "Lenta", "OK", and to the network of Shell and "Gazpromneft" petrol stations (in total - 1,350 outlets). In 2017, Arla Foods intends to sell 1.5 million pieces, and then annually increase the volume by 60% due to entering other regions of Russia as well as Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Arla became a Starbucks partner before the embargo, and beside Russia milk-coffee cocktails are sold in other countries of presence.

However, Arla doesn't conceal its plans to regain lost ground (in 2015 the revenue of the company in Russia fell by half to 2.8 billion rubles). In addition Arla supplies lactose-free milk to the Russian Federation.

At present, the company is looking for possibilities for import of cheese. "We are now at the final stage of negotiations to launch the production of premium cheeses and feta," said Elena Ostapkevich, adding that it is about the European country from which it is allowed to import dairy products, and it is not part of the CIS. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in 2018.

We will remind that in late 2016, Valio began to supply dry milk formula Valio Baby, manufactured at the plant in Lapinlahti and meant solely for the Russian market. Valio also continues to import lactose-free milk and non-dairy products (juices, fruit drinks, jelly). In addition the company has partners "Erhmann", "Galaktika", "Allgau", "Kokhmayster Rus", "Ryazansky dairy plant".

Another example Rokiskio, which prior to the embargo supplied to Russia 40 types of cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt, found a partner in the production of cottage cheese represented by Tula dairy plant, Pieno Zvaigzdes entrusted the production of cheese "Svalia" to Velikoluksky dairy plant. However, both plants are working on their own production lines and in accordance with own technology, and in fact, get only a right to use the brand from Europeans.

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