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Regions officially free of bovine leukemia, declare that with proper government support, the division of herds and planned work the disease of dairy farming can be defeated in 3-5 years.

Since 2016 the Russian producers of raw milk and milk processing enterprises have switched to the legislation of the Customs Union (CU) and must work according to the requirements of Technical regulations of the CU: Federal law 033 "Milk and dairy products" and Federal law 021 "On safety of food products".

The main problem in this case is the logistics of raw milk. As explained in the Rosselkhoznadzor, today any region of the Russian Federation can be assigned one of three statuses on bovine leukemia: "Unfavourable", "Uncertain" or "Safe". In Rosselkhoznadzor they emphasize that restrictions on the transportation of milk and dairy products are possible only in case the export comes from households unfavourable for leukemia.

"There are no restrictions on transportation of pasteurized (UHT) milk or products made from such milk between regions: these products are included into the list of safe on bovine leukemia goods," stressed in the Rosselkhoznadzor.

When transporting raw milk, raw cream from a disease-free region they must observe the only condition: dairy animals must be kept in the disease-free region for at least 12 months.

When transporting raw milk, raw cream from the region with an uncertain status they must meet the following conditions:

  • dairy animals must be kept on a safe farm where obligatory diagnostic tests for animals have been carried out for at least 6 months;

  • the enterprise, that produced the controlled goods must be safe on leukemia.

When transporting raw milk, raw cream from unfavourable region they must observe one or two of the above mentioned conditions or following special requirement:

  • from unfavourable enterprises milk can be supplied to another region only directly to the milk processing plant, and only if it is received from animals which have pass planned tests for leukemia and by the results of the tests they are not positive.

However, according to market participants, there are two essential issues that complicate the situation in the dairy industry: a ban on the supply of unpasteurized milk from infected animals to the neighboring region.

In Rosselkhoznadzor they emphasize that fresh milk from unfavourable farms to neighbouring regions can be supplied only to dairy plants for further processing.

According to the survey of The DairyNews, the most unfavourable regions for bovine leukemia intend to get rid of the problem in the future five years. So, for example, Tyumen region intends to solve the problem of leukemia by 2020. In Kirov region, according to a statement from the agricultural Department of the region, the problem of leukemia has been solved. The same is stated in Leningrad and Sverdlovsk regions. 

"There is no problem with leukemia on my farm for 6-7 years. We were the first who solved the problem of leukemia in the region, and are completely successful in this regard. As for other farms, many of them continue working to get rid of it. Farms that have this problem are definitely trying to cope with it", - said Igor Kuzma, Director of LLC "Rucheyki" (Vladimir region).

According to the expert, in any case it is not worth slaughtering cattle rashly, it is necessary to find other ways of stabilizing the situation for leukemia.

"We are now actively trying to solve the problem of leukemia. The difficulty is that it is necessary to isolate sick animals from the healthy, and we don’t have enough premises. In addition, we take the samples from the calves for predisposition to the disease," - says Anatoly Murashkin, Director of Federal state unitary enterprise "Urupskoe" (Krasnodar Krai).

According to the representative of Leningrad region, Director of JSC "Ushchevitsy" Oksana Muravyeva, she supports the requirement of the ban on the transportation of leukemic milk.

"Our region is free from this disease, so if, for example, milk tankers meet at the plant, we naturally do not need it. No region will want to bring for itself the disease from a different region. In our region each farm and veterinary services are working hard on preventing such diseases and taking measures," says Oksana Muravyeva.

According to experts interviewed by The DairyNews, the solution to the problem of bovine leukemia should be systematic and precise, not allowing for the cancellation of hard decisions, but without acting rashly as well. Bovine leukemia can reduce the efficiency of dairy farming, which in itself is an important incentive for enterprises on the way to getting rid of the virus.

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