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The expert Council included representatives of the Ministry of economic development of Kaluga region, relevant ministries and agencies, development institutions, independent experts, the administration of the company "TH Milk Industry".

The project envisages the construction of the site for the processing of milk, production of dairy products up to 1 thousand tons per day. The main products to be sold in the framework of the project are drinking milk, yoghurt, drinking yoghurt, cheese and functional dairy products. Products will be partially (over 50%) made due to processing raw milk of own production.

"It will be one of the largest investment projects in the region, involving the creation of over 350 jobs," – commented Dmitry Razumovsky. 
The company selected a plot in the special economic zone, located in Borovsk district.

The General Director of Management Company of the special economic zone "Kaluga" Eugeniy Veselkov: "We will provide comprehensive support at every stage of the implementation of this ambitious project."

The initiator of the project - TH Group (Vietnam) is a group of companies founded in 2009 and implementing high-tech projects in agro-industry, food products, pharmaceuticals, financial sector and education. The products of TH Group are represented by approximately 60 items sold in dozens of countries.

General Director of "TH Milk Industry" Ngo Thanh Hoan: "Concern TH Group is already present in Kaluga region. Thus, the construction of a livestock breeding complex was started in Ulyanovsk district, it is planned to set up farms in Khvastovichy district. In this regard, the construction of a major enterprise in the region is a strategic necessity."

Dairy products of TH received numerous awards in Russia and other international markets.

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Один год Патрушева

Год назад 18 мая Дмитрий Патрушев был назначен на должность главы Минсельхоза России. The DairyNews предлагает читателям вспомнить, что обещал министр и как изменилась отрасль за период руководства федерального аграрного ведомства экс-директором Россельхозбанка.
Тверьплемсервис, ООО
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