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During his report Stefan Huebner stressed that in Germany the demand for bioproducts exceeds the supply. "This is the segment where Russia can supply their products. However, it is important to observe international standards", - said the representative of the Department 625 of Federal Ministry of agriculture and food of Germany.

Mr. Huebner also noted that "in Germany there are 2 million people who migrated from countries of the former USSR. These citizens buy products in Russian stores; they are important consumers of Russian export products".

According to Stefan Huebner, waste management is an important trend in the consumer sector of Germany. "Waste is the responsibility of the food producers and public authorities. Now there has been introduced a program which raises the consciousness of citizens - "Too good for a garbage can"".

The representative of the Federal Ministry of agriculture and food of Germany reported about another trend in their country - producers of food products put recipes in the packaging, organize cookery show, and thus, help consumers to cope with the daily demand. 

As for online sales in Germany, in 2016 its amount was 1 billion euros, which is a positive dynamics. "All networks are actively developing online sales now, "- said the expert.

Summing up, Stefan Huebner said: "Russia as an export-oriented country should appreciate the benefits of open trading relations."

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Какой будет цена на сырое молоко?

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