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"There was as a good state support of dairy cattle breeding in the form of capex and concessional loans. Prices for milk provide a possibility to stabilize the industry. But if they fall, it will seriously complicate the situation", - said Mr. Duerr.

He reminded that in 2017 the company has actively developed. There were built new complexes in the Voronezh, Kaluga and Novosibirsk regions.

"Just before the new year, the daily milk yield at our farms exceeded 1,000 tons", - said Stefan Duerr.

We will remind that this year “EkoNiva” has acquired two dairy plants - Mosmedynagroprom in Kaluga region and “Anninskoe moloko” in Voronezh region. The FAS in December approved the acquisition of the agricultural holding "OKA AGRO" by “EkoNiva”.

"I think in 2018 there will be further consolidation in the industry. We will continue to work on efficiency, develop milk processing. If state support remains, we will build new farms," said Stefan Duerr.

Full text of the expert’s comments is under the heading "Hot topic" by the results of the year. 

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Братское молоко

Производство молока в Беларуси сохраняет позитивную динамику, хотя прирост в 2018 году оказался явно не таким высоким, как ожидалось. Куда движется рынок братской республики и какими видят перспективы дальнейшей работы российские и белорусские «молочники» – выяснял корреспондент The DairyNews.
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