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According to SPARK-Interfax, in April 2017 there was registered a company LLC "Streda-Consulting", the co-owners of which in shares of 55% and 45% are Andrey Danilenko and Artem Belov. Company is registered at the address Moscow, Likhov lane 10, where there is r also egistered LLC "Industry solutions", which publishes information leaflet of Soyuzmoloko "MilkNews". General Director of "Streda-Consluting" is Alexey Gruzdev, who previously headed the "IKF-Alt", the co-owner of which was until a certain time Artem Belov.


In July this year it became known that "Streda-Consulting" will work out the program of development of dairy cattle breeding for the Republic of Tatarstan, the region leading in the production of milk. There was organized a working group, which included the Chairman of Board of the National Union of milk producers (Soyuzmoloko) Andrey Danilenko, Executive Director of Soyuzmoloko Artyom Belov, Deputy Minister of agriculture and food of the Republic of Tatarstan on animal husbandry Nazip Khazipov, General Director of the Union of milk producers of Tatarstan Denis Pirogov, General Director of LLC "Streda Consulting" Alexey Gruzdev, the specialists of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Tatarstan, the State Institution "The Main State Agricultural management of breeding in animal husbandry of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Tatarstan", the Main Veterinary Department of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan State Academy of veterinary medicine named after N.E. Bauman, Federal state budgetary scientific institution "Tatar Scientific Research Institute of agriculture" and JSC "Leading breeding enterprise "Elite".

The representatives of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Tatarstan reported that they attend farms of the Republic together with Artem Belov, with the aim to get acquainted with the status of the industry. Although it more resembled the pronouncement of a proposal to work out a document on the development of dairy cattle breeding.As you know, Soyuzmoloko has rich experience in this issue; it is enough to remember the program of development of dairy industry and pedigree dairy cattle breeding, worked out in consultation with BCG and KPMG. We will remind, the cost of the first work in 2014 amounted to 10 million rubles.

In August it became known that in Bashkortostan a long-term program is being developed to support dairy cattle breeding. As stated in the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Bashkortostan, involving Soyuzmoloko into the development of the program, the region takes into account that they are the developers of the Federal program.

It is worth noting that Soyuzmoloko has worked out its own program of development of dairy cattle breeding, the regulations of which must be included into the Federal program. However, at the moment there is only a Road map of activities for the development of pedigree cattle breeding.
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"We have engaged the National Union of milk producers "Soyuzmoloko", because they are the developers of the Federal program, and it is important for us to be immediately included in it, it is important for us to get support from the federal institutions and from investors, while also co-financing of important events from the budget of the Republic of Bashkortostan", – commented the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan Irek Mukhametdinov. 

The next region in the queue has become the Udmurt Republic. During the meeting with the Head of the region Alexander Brechalov, representatives of "Streda-Consulting" discussed the format of cooperation in the sphere of development of such sector of agriculture as the production of milk.

"Analysis of raw milk production in the Udmurt Republic will allow to work out a long-term program of development of dairy sector and form a strategy for the development of existing raw milk producers and the necessary mechanisms of the state support", - reported in the government of the Udmurt Republic.

Within two days the managers and specialists of the company visited a number of farms and enterprises of the Republic. In particular, they visited some farms in Karakulino and Uva regions, the production site of "Sarapul-Moloko" JSC "MILKOM", got acquainted with the activities of the company "Uva-Moloko".

The meeting was attended by the representative of the industry, the General Director of LLC "KOMOS GROUP" Andrey Shutov, and the Deputy of the State Council of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Korobeynikov. The Head of Udmurtia Alexander Brechalov proposed to gather a community of representatives of the agricultural sector of the Republic to produce, finally, a strategy for the development of the industry.

"There must be collegial and well-considered decision of all members of agro-industrial complex. You must work together with all players to understand the priority issues and strategic objectives. For us the agricultural sector is a key direction, but in order to make a decision about which aspects of agriculture require support in the first place, we need to get a system solution from the industry," - said Alexander Brechalov. He ordered the first Deputy Chairman of the regional government Alexander Svinin to take the issue of cooperation with LLC "Streda Consulting" under his personal control and to assist in the organization of the meeting of leaders of agro-industrial complex of the Republic.

In Bashkortostan the development of the situation went according to the calculation of the required public money for the implementation of investment projects that will allow to increase milk production.

The purpose of the program in Bashkortostan is to produce 1.7 million tons of milk a year. To do this, as noted by the Head of the regional Dairy Union Ildar Faizullin, it is possible to follow three directions. "Investors that will build 2-3 modern mega farm for not less than 2,500 head per year. There is planned co-financing from the regional budget - about 1 billion rubles per year and about 3 billion rubles from the Federal budget. It is planned that according to the program the farms of the Republic will reach the average productivity of 6.6 thousand kg per cow per year", - presented the design of the program Ildar Faizullin at the event in Ufa, held in autumn this year.


Officially the cost of the programs proposed for development in the regions is not called. However, for example, in Bashkortostan, funding the development was carried out by industry and government in the ratio 50: 50. Soyuzmoloko operates in accordance with the proven scheme: proposing construction of mega-farms under a solid state co-financing it paves the way for investors represented by the executor – LLC "Streda", which strongly recommends attracting large investments. Otherwise it won’t be possible to achieve the task for producing additional 5-7 million tons of milk by 2020 set by the Federal center 

The possibility of the proposed by Soyuzmoloko numbers of co-financing is the only question. The state to this day from year to year reduces the amount of budget funds allocated to support agro-industrial complex and the dairy industry as a whole. It is very easy to work out a program, saying, what quantity of money is necessary for the growth of milk production. The only thing, the industry doesn’t have a guarantee of getting this money.

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