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"We will not reduce state support in any case, so we will continue to support profitable agricultural enterprises at an acceptable level. Moreover, it was decided to increase support from the Federal budget this year by about 10% compared to last year", said Mr. Dvorkovich speaking at a regional conference at the Ministry of agriculture of Stavropol region.

"This money will be used to support new investment projects, to support farms, to update the agricultural machinery park - this problem still remains very acute compared to the peak that was achieved in the mid - eighties, when agricultural machinery was updated rapidly, we are about twice as lower now," he said.

According to him, the authorities are now working on the formation of the state program of agriculture development until 2030.

"This year we must form a state program for the development of agriculture until 2030, this task is already facing the Ministry of agriculture, the work is already underway, so that each of you has an understanding: what we will do in the next 10 years, what tools we will use, what will be the amount of funds to support agricultural business", said Deputy Prime Minister.

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Не молоко

Минфин предложил ввести на территории ЕАЭС понятия заменителей молока для продукции ранее не имеющей законодательного определения. Как к этому относятся участники рынка – узнавал корреспондент The DairyNews.
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