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Import of other types of dairy products has also increased. Thus, Russia imported 16.7 thousand tons of butter (12.7 thousand tons in 2016), 46.1 thousand tons of milk powder (38.4 thousand tons in 2016). The main suppliers of milk powder to the Russian market were Argentina, Turkey, Uruguay, Switzerland, New Zealand and Iran. In addition, experts note the growth of import against the background of increase in the production of similar domestic products.

According to the Ministry of agriculture, production of cheese in Russia has increased by 4.5% to 385.8 thousand tons for 10 months in 2017, production of cheese products - by 11.3% to 152.5 thousand tons, butter - by 6.7% to 225.5 thousand ton, milk and cream powder - by 31% to 120.5 thousand tons.

Read more in the monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation. 

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