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DN: Manuel, is there changes in sheep and goat sector in comparison with the last 5 years?

M.A.: Sheep and goat sector becomes more professional. Farmers work more professionally than before and they are looking for improvement and for new technologies. So they are work to be more efficiently.

I would say what has been changed is the farmer, his attitude and his mentality. They want to be more professional and more efficient, they really want to run this as a business not as a hobby.

DN: What are the current global trends in the dairy goat?

M.A.: There is not only one trend. In some countries the trend is to go for bigger farms and they want to produce more milk, they want to create mega dairies. The other trend- farmers are looking to produce and process the whole milk at the farm into cheese. They want to make different cheese types, not only fresh cheese, they want to produce mature cheeses and they try to improve the quality of the cheese. These are the two trends.

DN: And what are prospects of the development of dairy goat in Russia?

M.A.: There are a lot of requirements and interested from best stores or farmers. I think the potential is there.

It is important to have also the support from government and support for importing animals. This is really one of the most difficult part- to find good animals, to secure these animals. I would say the potential is quite high. It’s complicated at the beginning because you have to build the market on the business here, not like in Western Europe.

In long term all goat farmers, companies have to work together and get government to support the business.

DN: And do you have economic analyses from which number of breed it is efficient to implement DeLaval system for sheep and goat?

M.A.: They are dependent on the market. There are farms with 50 or 70 goats in the Central Europe where they use the system. There not many farms and also in Norway, they have 100 animals or so and they have this system. Why? Because they want to measure. So this is the size that they have. In other few areas from 200 animals they started to be measured from business.

As soon as farm is planning to grow, they measure business and they look for flock management.

DN: How much, from the business side, does it cost to keep one goat on farm? I’m speaking about reproduction, about nutrition, health and so on and so forth.

M.A.: To enter this business you have to have land, animals and etc. The price includes animals, land, buildings, facilities, everything. In normal weather price of 1 goat stall place is from 700 Euros up to 1300 – 1400 Euros, it depends on the breed, on milking equipment, on feeding system, automation level you have.

For example, the costs of a goat in Spain of a local breed are around 150 Euros but in Spain an animal would be pregnant from 7 to 9 months old.

Then the price of 1 liter of milk is around 45 – 50 cents. And right now it is increasing a little bit, it becomes 60 – 65 cents per liter depending on the quality, fat and protein.

In France it is a little bit higher, because there are also different ways of measure but the protein price is increasing at this moment. In first part of this year in the Netherland, Italy, France and Spain the price was increasing.

DN: Due to which factors did it start to increase?

M.A.: There are many factors. The core factor is the cow milk price. Why? Dairy French Company buys milk from different countries- Spain, the Netherlands and they produce cheese. When they don’t have enough milk they buy from Spain, from the Netherlands or from other countries and they put the price.

Now in Europe there is no problems with milk. And the cow milk price is increasing and part of the goat milk is going to produce mixed cheese with cow, sheep and goat milk. And when you have a good goat milk price they produce more cow milk because it’s cheaper and they combine.

So there is always a link to cow milk price and sheep and goat milk price. Now I would say that goat milk production has stabilized. This year with a good milk price from goats some farmers have decided to put more animals, more milk if the price goes down. This is a competitive relative marketing.

DN: Thank you very much.

The interview was taken on the conference “From goat to cheese- it is easy!” 


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