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According to him, "there will be canceled subsidies per liter, investment loans, per-hectare support, capex". This became known following the meeting of the Public Council under the Ministry of agriculture.

"Federal allowance for milk will be cancelled, capex will be cancelled, the per-hectare will be cancelled, we won’t get any preferential loans, since all the money will be spent on maintenance of the old preferential loans," said Pavel Grudinin.

"Last year, 80% of preferential loans in Moscow region were received by processors, not by producers," said Grudinin.

"Danilenko said that the milk consumption per capita is now 230 kg, according to my information, – 220, - he said. - And in Europe the figure is 400 kg of milk per capita".

As far as electronic veterinary certification is concerned, in the opinion of Pavel Grudinin, "the introduction of EVC is a reason to punish us: for improper registration, for improperly trained employee, etc. It's called the increase of administrative pressure on business. Freedom of doing dairy business is very much in question. Taking into account the current situation with production costs, the investment will never be paid off: it is inherent in the system created in Russia."

He also added that "no veterinary certificate can guarantee the quality of milk".

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