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The large dairy holding "Molvest" is considering the possibility of production and processing of goat milk, reports The DairyNews.

General Director of holding "Molvest" Anatoly Losev told that the holding is studying all segments of the dairy industry, including goat breeding. However, he noted that the company has not yet made a decision on the construction of a goat farm and there are a number of explanations.

"There are certain nuances: in Russia the consumption of goat milk and its products is very low. Besides, in our country there is no culture of cheese consumption. In general, the capacity of the sector is extremely small. Taking into account the fact that there are a lot of large and medium-sized projects on the market that have already started dealing with goat farming, investment in goat breeding, from our point of view, is a risky move, especially due to the lack of sufficient demand", - said Anatoly Losev.

We will remind that JSC "Molvest" is on 39th place in the rating of "Expert" Agro-industrial complex-50, which represents the largest agro-industrial companies. The revenue of the company for the year 2016 amounted to RUB 16 billion.

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