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Retail network "Magnit", one of the first completed the integration of the Federal governmental information system (FGIS) "Mercury". Next year the registration in the system will become mandatory for all participants of the food market. FGIS is designed to provide maximum efficiency of the control of legality and safety of livestock products for buyers at all stages of delivery. The use of "Mercury" allows working with electronic veterinary certificates (EVC) online. At present, all objects of the retail network are registered in the system, and the authorized employees are trained and begin to work with "Mercury". Thus, the "Magnit" introduced FGIS before the legal time limits.

The launch of the "Mercury" by one of the largest grocery retailers in the country allows market participants to adapt to relevant changes in legislation, to get acquainted with the operation of the system in advance. The retail network now provides suppliers with the opportunity to test the "mercury" in real business to identify potential problems and eliminate them before running the FGIS official service. Documents from companies that have already joined the "Mercury" will be accepted in electronic form. From the others that are planning shifting since 1 January 2018 — on paper.

For the introduction of the system "Magnit" and the Rosselkhoznadzor has established a special working group of experts on logistics, production, sales and IT specialists. There was done large amount of work to synchronize standards of the company and background information of the Federal service. Currently, the company is in constant contact with specialists of the veterinary services in the regions and the administration of the Rosselkhoznadzor. The Agency regularly gives explanations about the possibilities of the new system, details of its connection and use. In its turn, the "Magnit" will ensure the traceability of volumes of the load on the FGIS, which will allow making necessary adjustments to the system.

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