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The milking herd of the enterprise is 2 thousand heads. Every day LLC "Tselinnoe" supplies about 25 tons of milk. The company management plan to increase the number of cattle to 3 thousand and increase gross yield up to 30-35 tons.

- We have a status of breeding reproducer of the Simmental breed, so we will try to increase the number using our own resources, - said General Director of LLC " Tselinnoe " Vladimir Sannikov.

- It is good that we have such managers and such “locomotives” in the Republic of Khakassia. In 2018 the Ministry of agriculture will be allocated additional funds, including the ones for reimbursement of the cost of LLC “Tselinnoe” for this construction - this promise to the Minister of agriculture of the Republic of Khakassia Alexander Bushkov was given by the Head of the Republic.

Victor Zimin has inspected the new barn, thanked Mr Sannikov for his work and expressed confidence in further development of the enterprise.

The first objects - a barn for 550 animals, a milking parlour and maternity departments - were opened in 2016. Today, with the commissioning of the second barn for 550 animals, the complex is fully completed.

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