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This will allow to increase the production of cheese more than three times and to occupy 10% of the market of Russia. Experts believe the current situation on the market to be risky for increasing capacity.

For the modernization of Velikoluksky dairy it is planned to spend 4.1 billion rubles. The project includes the increase of production space and purchase of new equipment for preparation of milk for processing, manufacturing, salting and packing of cheese at European manufacturers. The investment will enable the production of hard cheeses of natural ripening of Swiss, Italian, French, Spanish and Dutch groups. They plan to start next year, and completion is scheduled for 2020.

Thus, in the future, the daily processing of milk will amount to almost 1 million liters, and production of cheese — up to 3 thousand tons per month, said General Director and owner of the group "Kabosh" Dmitry Matveev. The modernization of the enterprise will be carried out without stopping production, he said. Now "Kabosh" processes 300 thousand liters of milk per day and produces up to 900 tons of cheese per month. According to the assessment of the company, its share at the market of natural cheese is 3%; by 2022 "Kabosh" expects to increase it to 10%, quotes The DairyNews the edition "Kommersant".

Three new farms for 4300 animals each in addition to the four existing ones need to provide a sufficient amount of its own raw materials. Investment in the creation of one farm is estimated at 2.6 billion rubles. Construction of the first farm, which will be located in Pskov region, "Kabosh" expects to start next year. Agroholding is looking for sites in Tver and Pskov regions for the construction of other farms. In addition, the company plans to increase the milking herd from 20 to 50 thousand head. The growth of population will occur due to reproduction of the herd and purchases in the United States, explained in the company.

"To produce groups of cheeses of natural ripening we need special milk, with special characteristics. Our own amounts of milk will not be enough for the implementation of these plans. It is not possible to buy the milk of this quality anywhere on the market, and we understand that we should produce it ourselves,"— said Matveev.

Earlier, The DairyNews wrote that the group of companies "Kabosh" plans to expand its vegetable production and gradually will invest €400 million into the greenhouse project.

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Деньги в молоко

Потребление молока и молочных продуктов стагнирует в России. Страна все еще находится на низких позициях по уровню потребления в мире, власти вкладывают массу средств господдержки в развитие молочного производства. Однако с продвижением потребления ситуация патовая.
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