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The first Deputy Minister R. V. Nekrasov noted that the results of the work on the grant support of the beginning farmers and family livestock farms are proved by the figures: in 2015, compared with 2010 farmers of Samara region produced 12 times more meat and 9 times more milk.

"Such results were achieved due to the provision of grants. In 2017 for these purposes, we plan to invest 11.6 million rubles of the regional funds and attract 97.6 million rubles from the Federal budget. Compared to the previous year, the growth of state support in absolute terms amounted to 15 million rubles", - said R. V. Nekrasov.

In the total amount of a single grant – new format of support for agricultural producers – share of grants to beginning farmers and owners of family livestock farms in Samara region is 20%, which is one of the highest figures among the subjects of the Russian Federation.

"In Samara region, support of small-sized farms is very active. In this respect the region has a high potential," - said the Director of the Department of rural development V. P. Svezhenets.

During the meeting, R. V. Nekrasov told about the developing system of consumer societies, which includes 78 organizations in the region. According to first Deputy Minister of the regional agricultural Department, the turnover of regional consumer societies is about 12 billion rubles; including that by the procurement of agricultural products from the population it exceeds 1 billion rubles.
"Since 2010 Samara region has been implementing the program aimed at the development of consumer cooperatives, in which at the expense of the regional budget we will reimburse 50% of costs for the purchase of equipment for harvesting, storage and processing of milk and 25% of the cost of acquisition of equipment for harvesting, storage and processing of other types of products. For this purpose more than 200 million rubles from the regional budget was spent", - said R. V. Nekrasov.

The support of agricultural cooperation at the regional level interested representatives of the Ministry of agriculture. V. P. Svezhenets asked to present Samara experience in this field for its study, analysis and, potentially, implementation in other regions of the country.

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