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This was announced by the Minister of agriculture of Irkutsk region Ilya Sumarokov at a press-conference, reports The DairyNews. 

During the period 2012-2017 grants for beginning farmers were allocated to 386 managers of the newly created peasant farm holdings for the amount of more than 559 million. For the entire period of the program 304 private farms were converted into peasant farm holdings, there were created 355 new jobs.

"Every year the number of the participants of the program is growing and their geography is expanding, the activity of the Northern territories is increasing. Implementation of the program to support beginning farmers facilitates the implementation of the integrated program of sustainable rural development to increase agricultural production and create additional jobs in rural areas", – noted the Head of the Department. 

Today farm holdings of the region produce 12% of agricultural products. For 10 months milk production has increased by 16.6%, the number of cattle - by 5%, the number of cows - by 8.5%.

Ilya Sumarokov said that the integration of farms into cooperatives will also improve the quality of production and optimization of sales. So for next year the priority is also the development of cooperation. He reminded that within two years there were issued 18 grants to agricultural cooperatives up to 10 million rubles for the establishment of slaughterhouses, milk and meat processing. The plans are to develop cooperatives of the second level – interdistrict ones that will collect the products from the cooperatives of the first level and on their basis carry out production, logistics and supply of these products to local municipal institutions and to major cities.
"For next year we are considering the possibility of providing grants in this area, which will allow to combine existing and already standing firmly on their feet cooperatives", – said Ilya Sumarokov. 

In total in 2017 in the Angara region 2.8 billion rubles has been allocated to support agriculture, including more than two billion 83 million rubles from the regional budget and 773.4 million rubles from the Federal budget.

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