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The Chairman of the Association of peasant (farmer) farm holdings and agricultural cooperatives Vyacheslav Telegin stressed the interest in the cooperative direction during the last year, noting that the volume of investments has increased several times. For example, in 2015 there was obtained 280 billion, exactly the same in 2016, and in 2017, the investments have increased to 800 billion rubles.

He also noted the need and importance of wholesale distribution centers, which will focus on each particular cooperative. In order to increase their number, the Association is trying to promote a law, which will allow compensating 30% of the cost of construction.

A similar view is shared by the Director of the Department of rural development of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Svezhenets.

"Cooperatives are necessary to preserve employment in large areas. We have a huge potential which may be involved in cooperation" - he said and noted that 46% of stores already have their farmers.

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НДС-20%: что думают молочники?

Большинство крупных производителей отказалось обсуждать увеличение НДС до 20% с января 2019 года, однако ряд участников рынка высказал свою точку зрения о влиянии фактора НДС на отрасль. Подробнее - в материале The DairyNews.
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