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"The main enterprises - about 100 - provide 44% of the total milk produced in the region. In total we have 856 farms. And the rest produce 250 thousand tons of milk. We have to work with them. The average yield is 4-4.5 thousand kg of milk per cow - we need to work with problem areas of the enterprises", - said Ildar Fayzullin.

The expert noted that the mega farms in Bashkortostan are only 0.3% of the total number of farms. 94% of enterprises have dairy cattle population less than 400 head. 4.9% farms have from 400 to 800 cows.

"Our goal is to attract big investors. Currently we are conducting negotiations with the Vietnamese company TH True Milk", - said Ildar Fayzullin.

According to the expert, the goal is to produce 1.7 million tons of milk per year. For this, said Fayzullin, one can follow three directions. "Investors who will build 2-3 modern mega farm with a size not less than 2,500 head per year. Co-financing - about 1 billion rubles per year is planned from the regional budget and about 3 billion rubles from the Federal budget. It is planned that according to the program the farms of the Republic will reach the average production of 6.6 thousand kg per cow per year" - presented the development program Ildar Fayzullin.

– We attracted the National Union of milk producers because they are developers of the Federal program, and it is important that we immediately joined it, and it is important to get support from federal sources and investors, having the possibility to co-finance important events from the budget of the Republic, commented earlier the Deputy Prime-Minister of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan Irek Mukhametdinov.

– The main task is to improve economic conditions for enterprises, for the employees of these companies, to make prices on finished dairy products more affordable for consumers. And the most important is the budget efficiency, additional revenue into the budget of the Republic, – said the Chairman of the Board of Soyuzmoloko Andrey Danilenko.

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Какой будет цена на сырое молоко?

Центр изучения молочного рынка (ЦИМР) фиксирует сокращение цены на сырое молоко в регионах. Dairy Index RDRC на 11 марта 2019 года составил по данным ЦИМР 25,64 руб/кг (без НДС, жир-3,6%, белок-3,0%), на 0,4% ниже показателя начала прошлой недели и на 8,37% выше марта 2018 года. The DairyNews узнало прогнозы участников рынка по развитию ситуации с ценой.
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