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During the conference "Future of food markets in Russia and the EU" organized by the German Embassy in Moscow, Igor Kozubenko said: "the Russian Federation has practically fed itself. Today our country is ready to export high-quality organic products abroad".

Agroexport - is a new direction suggested in 2016 by the Department for the development and management of state information resources of agro-industrial complex. The Department has got a task to study the competitiveness of domestic products for export.

Igor Kozubenko announced figures of trade relations in agriculture with Germany: "For 2016 Russia has supplied products to Germany in the amount of $ 150 million. In its turn, Germany has delivered products worth slightly more than $ 1 billion. Our community works in one direction. However, Russia is ready to work more on import-export relations."

The expert also informed about the importance of creating between unified information field Russia and Germany that will allow farmers to plan its production and to track the demand of the market.

Among the problems of agroexport Igor Kozubenko noted the fact that Russia doesn’t advertise its products on the German food market well enough.

Noting the positive sides of the Russian-German relations, the Director of the Department of development and management of state information resources of agro-industrial complex said: "The mutual penetration of technologies has been started. It will help the Russian manufacturers to be competitive and export oriented not only on the German market, but also on ASEAN countries (editor’s note - The Association of South-East Asian Nations)".

Igor Kozubenko concluded that the Russian-German Association should be based on the joint exploring of markets.

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