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Agrocomplex named after N. I. Tkachev, published the advertisement looking for a certification expert, responsible for the accreditation of the company's products in Europe and Asia this week on the portal Headhunter. The duties of the candidate include preparation of permits, cooperation with government agencies, drafting of contracts etc. The General Director of Agrocomplex Eugeniy Khvorostina confirmed that the company is really "considering all the possibilities of the expansion of sales", including exports to Europe and Asia. According to him, the entire product line of the manufacturer may begin to be supplied to these markets.

This summer, Agrocomplex received the permission of the Rosselkhoznadzor for export of pork and beef to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. Head of the Department for the sale of livestock products of the holding Alexander Semerenko said that the agrocomplex has sent 20 tons of pork and poultry meat to Georgia since the beginning of the year, was preparing a trial batch for Armenia and was having talks with Kazakhstan.

JSC "Agrocomplex named after N. I. Tkachev," is one of the largest Russian agro-holdings. It unites more than 60 enterprises (mostly in Krasnodar region), produces more than 800 kinds of products under its own brand, including meat and sausage products, dairy products, semi-finished products, grocery, pastry, etc. It also operates its own retail network of more than 600 stores in Krasnodar, Stavropol and Rostov regions. In the rating of the largest Russian manufacturers of meat made by the magazine "Agroinvestor" Agrocomplex takes the 12th place. The holding company's revenue in 2015 is 38.6 billion rubles; net profit — 6.6 billion rubles. Beneficiaries of the company are family members of the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

Director of the analytical centre "Sovekon" Andrey Sizov considers the desire of Agrocomplex to develop export direction to be clear: the domestic poultry market is already saturated and pork market is close to it. Current export markets for these products according to the expert are Asia, Persian Gulf countries and Africa. "After entering these markets we can think about exporting to Europe", — he said. The agrocomplex has advantageous geographical position for export, but preparation to supply to Europe and Asia may take about two years, says Head of the Center on economic forecasting of Gazprombank Daria Snitko.

The majority of the Russian agroholdings have large-scale export programs today. The President of agro-industrial holding "Miratorg" Viktor Linnik said in September that within three to five years the holding will supply to foreign markets up to 250 thousand tons of products for the amount of $1 billion a year. The company is now exporting beef to the Gulf countries, chicken - to Serbia and Italy. Among the promising markets Mr. Linnik called Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and China. In December this year "Miratorg-Zapad" has received permission for the supply of finished meat products that passed heat treatment to Japan. Group "Rusagro", one of the largest pork producers in the country, also intends to focus on the development of exports, said in December its general director Maxim Basov. Two weeks ago, the group made an agreement with the Japanese Corporation Mitsui on the supply of products to Asia.

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