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Press conference on this occasion will be held in TASS. The event will include the presentation of the joint venture of New Zealand and Russia for the production of butter and cheese of trade brands "Anchor", "Hansdorf", "Doyaruska".

As it became known to The DairyNews, the firm "Foodline" and "Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited" will participate in the project. The joint venture was named "Unifood".

The details of the project are not known yet, so it is difficult to make definite conclusions, noted the leading analyst of the Russian Dairy Research Centre (RDRC) Ekaterina Zakharova. She said that Leningrad region, where it is apparently planned to open the production, has the deficiency of raw milk.

Leningrad region (including St. Petersburg) took the second place in Russia after Moscow region on the deficiency of raw milk, in 2016 the shortage of milk in terms of final consumption in the region amounted to 1.6 million tons. The deficiency of raw milk for industrial consumption in Leningrad region estimated by the RDRC in 2016 amounted to 106.9 thousand tons.

"The issue how the company will solve the problem with supply of raw materials in this case is perhaps the most interesting. We would like to hope that this problem will be solved not at the expense of imported supplies of (NZ) raw materials," suggested Ekaterina Zakharova in her comments to The DairyNews.

Earlier it was reported that Savencia Fromage & Dairy will acquire a large stake in Belebeevsky dairy plant - one of the leaders of the Russian market of cheeses.

We will remind that in Russia the production has been year actively implemented for a few years by such international dairy cooperatives as Valio (has his own production site in Moscow region) and Arla Foods (produces cheeses together with the holding "Molvest")

Fonterra occupies the sixth position in the world in terms of revenue among dairy companies - $12 billion in 2016.

Foodline is one of the leaders of distribution at the food market in Russia. 

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Братское молоко

Производство молока в Беларуси сохраняет позитивную динамику, хотя прирост в 2018 году оказался явно не таким высоким, как ожидалось. Куда движется рынок братской республики и какими видят перспективы дальнейшей работы российские и белорусские «молочники» – выяснял корреспондент The DairyNews.
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