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2016 was the fifth year of collaboration between Olam International and "Rusmoloko". Due to the high degree of mutual understanding and joint efforts of Russian and Western specialists of "Rusmoloko" for several years shows a positive trend, stressed in the press service of the company.

According to own data of "Rusmoloko" at the beginning of December 2016, the number of animals in the holding amounted to 15, 5 thousand heads. It is expected that on 1 January 2017, gross milk production will reach 57.5 thousand tons.

To ensure the replacement of milking cows the construction of a complex for rearing 5200 heads of youngstock for replacement is being finished in Kuznetsk district. Today, there are more than 3600 heads of heifers and pregnant heifers at the complex. 2.5 thousand heads of heifers reared at the complex in Kuznetsk district, has been delivered to dairy farms of "Rusmoloko" this year. Till the end of the year there will be delivered another 200 heads. "Rusmoloko" plans to introduce into the herd not less than 2700 heads of heifers per year, abandoning importation from abroad. After filling their own systems, the company plans to begin selling heifers to other farms in our region.

Positive dynamics was also noted in the crop unit of "Rusmoloko". Plans for forage harvesting are met in full volume, increasing the number of cattle is provided with own forages. In particular, they harvested 98 thousand tons of haylage, 21 thousand tons of silage and 14 thousand tons of ensiled corn.

In addition, they harvested 122 thousand tons of grain and leguminous crops with the average yield of 51 centners per hectare.

Gross harvest of sugar beet amounted to 113,5 thousand tons, technical crops - 25.4 thousand tons. Soybean yield was 16.2 centners per hectare, sunflower - 24.6 centners.

The entire harvest was post-harvest handled on the own private elevator, the final commissioning of which is scheduled for 2017. In 2016, the seed line was built in Bashmakovsky district that will allow fully meeting own need for seeds and will give the opportunity to prepare seeds for third parties.

On the current date 9.7 thousand hectares of winter crops has been already sown, the soil for sowing of spring crops has been prepared. More than 2 thousand hectares of fallow land has been introduced in crop rotation.

General director of "Rusmoloko" Sumanta Kumar De said that over the past few years the company shows consistently high results in all operational indicators. "We will continue to invest in the development of agriculture. At the moment we are working on expanding the bank of land, increasing the capacity of livestock through the construction of additional barns in Arshinovka and Narovchat for 1200 heads," said Sumanta Kumar De.

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