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The company management decided that packaging products for food industries need additional reliability testing. The results allowed for extending the warrantee storage period from six to twenty-four months all at once. Such specification change is not an instrument of commercial profit but rather a benefit for clients. The company decided in favor of this step because they are sure in the stable quality characteristics of their products. Advanced technology administers absolute operation control.  

Originally, the warrantee storage period was dictated by the terms set by the company’s raw suppliers. From time to time, clients, who could not utilize large volumes of acquired materials in due time, were forced to ask for extending the warrantee storage period for a certain batch. Each report was followed by a series of tests. Thanks to the recent decision, customers can now buy larger volumes, which means lower prices, and utilize them within more extended and convenient time frames. The Packaging Factory MILK has been granted a set of documents that prove the extended warrantee storage period – an expert analysis and a declaration of correspondence to ТР ТС 005/2011.


Ветеринарная вертикаль: кому это нужно?

15 июля аграрный комитет Госдумы по аграрным вопросам провел совещание на тему «О проекте федерального закона «О внесении изменений в отдельные законодательные акты Российской Федерации по вопросам совершенствования осуществления федерального государственного ветеринарного надзора».
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Агрохолдинг АЛГА, ООО
Адрес:  Оренбургская обл., Асекеевский район, с. Новосултангулово, ул. Центральная, д. 95 А 
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