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"Our export range of products is the smallest in the world. Because state itself determines what to support," said Eugenia Serova, noting that the state should create conditions for investments, including providing logistics and infrastructure.

"One of the bottlenecks is resistance policy of the state in agro-industrial sector. We have lots of Universities, and no staff! An investment in science and production is a step for 10 years. If you invested today the result may be expected in 10 years. By 2030, we will need to produce 50% more products if the business model stays the same, we will need 50% more land, water, etc. It is not possible to solve these problems through brute force", - said Eugenia Serova.

Earlier, Deputy Minister of agriculture Igor Kuzin reported about the profitability and predictability of the agricultural sector.

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Какой будет цена на сырое молоко?

Центр изучения молочного рынка (ЦИМР) фиксирует сокращение цены на сырое молоко в регионах. Dairy Index RDRC на 11 марта 2019 года составил по данным ЦИМР 25,64 руб/кг (без НДС, жир-3,6%, белок-3,0%), на 0,4% ниже показателя начала прошлой недели и на 8,37% выше марта 2018 года. The DairyNews узнало прогнозы участников рынка по развитию ситуации с ценой.
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