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Ekaterina Kotova stressed that despite the decline in consumer demand, the buyer in Russia wants to buy quality food products.

In addition, the analyst noted that according to GFK, the demand in Russia has decreased across the whole range of dairy products except white cheese.

"66% of Russians say that they are always worried about their safety and how to avoid getting sick from food and drinks. Quality ingredients without harmful additives are of great importance for the consumer. In 2017 62% of respondents said that it is important for them to know where and when the product was manufactured. There is also an interest in traceability in the global market. In Russia 62% of consumers read labels," - said Ekaterina Kotova.

According to the analyst, goods and products should be of interest in terms of enriching consumers with new emotions, impressions, experience.

"In Russia more than 50% of consumers listen to the opinions of others about buying products," - said the representative of the company GFK.

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