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The products, as noted in the Department, was returned for the following reasons: the documents with advance production dates of products, re-branding of meat, poor sanitary condition of vehicles and products, as well as incompletely or incorrectly filled veterinary accompanying documents.

However, the main violations were revealed in companies located in Minsk, Brest, Gomel and Grodno regions.

In particular, in the message of the Russian Agency it is noted that in the course of deliveries of enterprises:

— in Minsk region 111 violations were identified (against 41 enterprises);

— in Brest region 64 violations were identified (against 34 enterprises);

— in Gomel region 63 violations were identified (against 23 enterprises);

— in Grodno region 52 violations were identified (against 20 enterprises);

— in Vitebsk region 48 violations were identified (against 15 enterprises);

— in Mogilev region 24 violations were identified (against 14 enterprises).

"All this testifies to the systemic shortcomings of the structural units of the regional veterinary services of the Republic of Belarus and the absence of control by the main state veterinary inspectors of the specified areas of the Republic of Belarus", - stated in the Russian office.

For 2016 the Rosselkhoznadzor detected more than 670 cases of violations of veterinary-sanitary norms and requirements of the EEU and the Russian Federation, of which 54% are for dairy products (including the cases of detection of counterfeit products, the excess of microbiological indicators, and detection of residues of drugs such as antibiotics).

"The current situation shows that the structural units of the regional veterinary services of the Republic of Belarus are deliberately hiding this information from the Rosselkhoznadzor but also from the parent Department of veterinary and food supervision of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic of Belarus. In addition, the negative dynamics of these violations indicates a formal approach to the exercise of their powers in terms of control over the movement of goods from the chief state veterinary inspectors of some regions of the Republic of Belarus (in particular, Minsk, Gomel, Grodno and Brest). This can lead to the introduction by Rosselkhoznadzor of temporary restrictions on import of products from these regions to Russia", - stressed the Russian Supervisory service.

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