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"Our prices for key dairy products, despite the devaluation, remain mysteriously higher compared to global prices in neighboring Europe, at least according to our estimates. There are two regions: Leningrad region and Moscow are those regions that are expensive to feed and get very large yields. Northwest is a very interesting region, where under the same climatic conditions, we see huge technical-economic differences in dairy farming. Maybe it makes sense to keep compact but effective herd of dairy cows. Maybe we should not strive for this self-sufficiency, maybe we’d better concentrate and adjust all the regions to this level, and then everything will be different in dairy farming," said Mr. Rylko.

In addition, the expert spoke about the situation in agriculture of the Russian Federation. 

"Traditional and new sources of economic growth in Russian agriculture are close to exhaustion. We need new investment ideas and incentives," said Dmitry Rylko.

The growth of agroindustrial complex, he noted, is influenced by two key factors, which have already exhausted their positive effect: they are devaluation of the ruble and the counter sanctions.

"In 2016 the ratio of revenue and loans according to our estimates, was approximately at the same level. You can say that the economy of our agricultural enterprises is on avarage in good condition", - concluded Dmitry Rylko.

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16 дней до ЭВС

16 дней осталось до введения обязательной электронной ветсертификации (ЭВС) на всю готовую молочную продукцию. The DairyNews узнало мнения участников рынка о системах “прослеживаемости", которые согласно постановлению властей, будут контролировать отрасль от производства сырого молока до его переработки и реализации.
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