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Nowadays among the producers of milking equipment dominate foreign companies, such as DeLaval (Sweden), GEA Westfaliasurge (Germany), SAC (Denmark), Lelly (USA). Their leadership is largely stipulated by many years of history and financial resources of the enterprises.

Unfortunately, there are not so many people who know about the milking equipment on offer from Russian producers. One of these is OOO “Agromolservis” (LLC), specializing in production, supplying, installation and maintaining  livestock farming equipment. During recent years, the company equipped more than 100 farming complexes all over Russia.

The outstanding advantage of  “Agromolservis” equipment is low cost in comparison to foreign analogs. Denis Ashirov, executive vice president of the company, says: “Purchase of our equipment may save up to 200%-300% of money usually spent on a brand-name of a product”.

Izhevsk factory houses the production of OOO “Agromolservis” equipment, which helps save considerable assets on logistic operations. Besides, the company's service maintenance is as good as the maintenance of foreign equipment producers, Denis Ashirov says.

Apart from schedule services, by a client's order specialists of OOO “Agromolservis” in short terms detach for any place of Russia and CIS to examine farming houses and make a decision on reconstruction, upgrade or installation of equipment.

Today OOO “Agromolservis” supplies and installs all kinds of equipment necessary for dairy farms.

Milk harvesting line includes equipment for automated milking and milk processing for stanchion-type milking parlours. Unique clusters allows milking udder quarters on pair basis and keep records on milk gathered from a group of cows.

Close type cooling tanks are designed to cool milk from 35°C to 4°C after milking and keep milk at 4-6°C till the futher processing (dairy farms, milk gathering and primary processing plants, low production dairy plants etc.). Besides, the tank allows to cool and keep other food products, not more than 1100 kg/cu.m. in density.  Refrigerator parts contacting with food products are made of high quality stainless steel. Cooling devices installed in tanks work on P22 refrigerant coolant (freon).

Milk cooling tanks are equipped with automatic washing system of 3 types:
• closed-type milk-cooling tanks with ЗМХУ-Щ slot evaporator and compression-condensation unit;
• cylindrical сlosed-type milk-cooling tanks with ЗМХУ-Щ slot evaporator and compression-condensation unit,
• square closed-type milk-cooling tanks with ЗМХУ-Щ slot evaporator, compression-condensation unit and removable heads.

OOO “Agromolservis” is able to supply a customer with a mixing feeder of a size ordered by a client.
Base model includes:

• a mixing tank on chassis, axis with no brake and isolated wheels;
• a mechanical support with a crank handle;
• an off-loading groove on the right without a conveyor;
• an epicycloid speed reducer with cog-wheels plunged into oil for vertical level  gear;
• positive gearing tractor-mixer interface for off-loading door oledynamic control;
• a drive shaft.

Tractor drawn mixing feeders of TWISTER series are equipped with a vertical spiral-like level of adjustable diameter  with knives and an additional anvil, mechanically put into a tank.

OOO “Agromolservis” also supplies equipment for udder-cleaning, watering, stanchion housing, slurry handling, equipment and plants for compounding feeding-stuff.

Nowadays the company actively develops: we expand the number of our clients and renew the range of our products. In early June 2009 OOO “Agromolservis” got a certificate that proves compliance of its equipment to Russian quality standarts. It also certifies the geographical location of  the company,  which is one of the determinant characteristics  needed to receive government subsidies. In the nearest future OOO “Agromolservis” is planning to expand to EU markets.

ООО «Аgromolservis»
426028, Russian Federation, Izhevsk, 79 Pojma street 
 +7 (3412) 51-96-72 
 +7 (922) 503-58-49 

 +7 (922) 530-53-58 

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