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The Center site is presented in the form of milk map: http://www.dairynews.ru/company/

The map contains detailed information on manufacturers and processors of milk in the Russian Federation and CIS countries (EEU and Ukraine). In addition in a special tab "Holdings" users can find information about the companies, which include enterprises operating on the dairy market.

Each enterprise is given a detailed statement that indicates the volume of milk production and processing, livestock, capacity and other performance indicators. Sorting of enterprises is made by regions and by holdings, and also you can sort enterprises alphabetically and in terms of production.

"I want to note that the Center for the Russian Dairy Research Center daily updates the data on enterprises. So the map is constantly evolving. Today there are more than 4000 enterprises in the database",- said the Director of the Russian Dairy Research Center Mikhail Mishchenko.

The map also presents the total data on the volume of milk production and processing by enterprises within holding companies and regions.

The map helps to trace the growth dynamics of key performance indicators of the dairy industry of the Russian regions. The dynamics are shown in the graphs of production (from 1970 to 2015) and processing (2013 to 2015) of milk. We will remind that the Center in their calculations do not take into account indicators of private farms!

The new site is different from the previous version of the Map by data processing speed, ease of use, depth of analytics, and the possibility of developing of new analytical services.

The website is currently started up in the format of beta-version, till the end of January 2017 on the site there will appear:

  • The dynamics of milk production/milk processing by separate enterprises.
  • Detailed analytics for each region represented in the information-analytical Bulletin "The White book"

Additionally, in the coming months new features will be available on the website of the Center:

  • Analysis of raw milk prices by regions of the Russian Federation.
  • A comparison of world prices for raw milk with prices in Russia.
  • Comparison of prices for raw milk with prices for dairy products.

The Centre is considering the website as a universal, public, and high-tech tool that reflects the pattern of development of the Russian dairy market. The website integrates all existing analytical products of the Center and will include new services and features that will be useful to all players of the dairy market.

Key analytical products of the Russian Dairy Research Center at the moment are:

  • Bulletin “White book” containing a detailed analysis of the situation on the dairy market of the Russian Federation in the regions.

  • Milk map, accumulating the operational and daily updated information on the dairy industry enterprises of Russia.

  • Map of milk deficiency is the annual analytical product, the purpose of which is to determine the level of self-sufficiency with raw milk in the regions of the Russian Federation.

  • Ratings of the Russian dairy companies

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