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Earlier, the Minister of agriculture and food of the Republic Leonid Zayats reported that food supplies to the Russian market are currently limited for 20 Belarusian enterprises. The Ministry also reported about the facts of the ban against Belarusian enterprises, and later it turned out that it was counterfeit, and not the Belarusian goods.

"Our task is to combat counterfeit. We together need to hold a tough policy: this should not be like this, we must not poison people. On our side it is punished harshly — it is a criminal offense," said Rusyi in an interview with TV channel "Belarus 1", shown on Sunday.

He stated that the detection of counterfeit should be "reacted immediately". Rusyi also noted that the Belarusian side immediately inform their Russian colleagues, if they face counterfeit on the market.

Regarding the claims of the Rosselkhoznadzor to Belarusian food products Vice-Prime Minister said that "services misunderstood their role": they should not act as "economic executioner." According to him, the Belarusian and Russian veterinary and phytosanitary services should immediately "to figure out what's going on", if a discrepancy is found for some parameters in the Russian or Belarusian products, and restore order.

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