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Belarusian dairy products are exported to 23 countries of the world, meat products – to 18 countries. "We established 36 enterprises of the dairy industry to supply to the Chinese market, and exports to this country have increased sharply 20 times to the level of last year. We believe that this is the right way, and aim our producers to develop new markets in Southeast Asia, the Persian Gulf and the African continent," said Alexey Bogdanov. Belarus exports food to more than 60 countries.

"The lion's share of our exports goes to the countries of the EEU, among them the first place is the Russian Federation, said Alexey Bogdanov. - In the Russian Federation there was formed a strong loyal attitude of the customer to the brand "Made in Belarus". This brand is sold well and we value the attention paid to our products by the Russian consumer."

At the same time taking into account diversification, the share of Russian Federation in the total volume of Belarusian exports of agricultural products this year has decreased by 4%, he said.

The representative of the Department also commented on the course of the inspection of the Rosselkhoznadzor, which checked the enterprises of the vegetable industry in Belarus last week. "There were no serious remarks made to us", he informed.

Now the Belarusian side expects a report from the Russian colleagues on the results of the audit. Thus Alexey Bogdanov reminded that restrictions on supplies to the Russian market continue to operate in relation to more than 20 Belarusian enterprises.

"It is a partial limitation and we are working together with our colleagues and partners from the Rosselkhoznadzor to lift these restrictions, he said. - There is a normal constructive work on a daily basis. We are working very closely and have understanding on many items. However, there is still something which we disagree with. But it is being discussed in working order".

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