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Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of agriculture to consider the appeal of Voronezh Governor Alexey Gordeev that the head of the region handed over to the Prime Minister during the meeting on November 28. Mr. Gordeyev had requested the Ministry to repay the farmers of the Russian Federation on investment loans in 2016 from the anti-crisis Fund and do the selection of projects for co-financing till the end of the year, so as not to deprive them of subsidies on investment loans due to new regulations of support. In the Ministry of agriculture, it was explained to "Kommersant" that they are already working on the appeal in terms of subsidies and the Commission will hold during December.

Report on the results of the meeting of Governor Alexey Gordeev with the Prime Minister appeared on the official website of the Russian government and the regional government on the day of the meeting. They discussed the achievements of farmers of Voronezh region and the issues of water supply to villages. But, according to "Kommersant", the Governor also handed over to the Prime Minister the appeal, concerning the subsidies for Russian farmers.

In 2016 the additional demand for reimbursement of the interest rate by already selected for subsidizing investment loans in agriculture is 5,68 billion rubles. In the latest edition of the Federal budget for 2016 (amendments were made in November) in the framework of the state program of development of agriculture 2.38 billion rules was redistributed on subsidies on investment loans, but the deficit remained. To cover it Mister Gordeyev asked Dmitry Medvedev to allocate funds from the "anti-crisis Fund" provided under the action plan of the government of the Russian Federation, and aimed at ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the Russian Federation in 2016. The Ministry of agriculture has always insisted on the need for additional funds. In March Minister Alexander Tkachev explained that to maintain the security of loans with subsidies at the level of last year there should be about 30-40 billion rubles. While paragraph 16 of the action plan directly involves the allocation of funds to farmers, but it was intended to clarify the scope and source of funding at the end of the first half, said yesterday in the Ministry of agriculture to "Kommersant". However the money was never allocated, despite the fact that taking to account the budget deficit Mr. Tkachev in July already admitted the allocation of only 23 billion rubles, and the Ministry of agriculture has repeatedly sent the corresponding request.

In his appeal Alexey Gordeev also asked to instruct the relevant Committee of the Ministry of agriculture to carry out the selection of investment projects for subsidising investment loans before the end of the year. The need for this is due to the fact that in 2017, the subsidies of investment loans raised after January 1, will be stopped and budget money will be issued to banks for on-lending to farmers at no more than 5%. Meanwhile, the specialized Commission of the Ministry already claimed 3.2 thousand projects, the estimated amount of subsidies of which is 25.55 billion rubles.

In a press-service of the Ministry of agriculture they explained to Kommersant yesterday that the Ministry received the order of Dmitry Medvedev to consider the appeal of the Governor. A meeting of the Commission on coordination crediting issues of agro-industrial complex before the end of the year which the head of the region insisted on was decided to be held in December 2016.
Bing in charge of agribusiness of the Voronezh Vice Prime Minister Viktor Logvinov told "Kommersant" that Voronezh region on 1 December brought to farmers 90.1% of Federal subsidies (6,147 out of 6,819 billion rubles) provided in 2016. "These funds are insufficient to cover the current deficit on investment loans. By the end of 2016, the debt may be about 676,6 million rubles, — noted vice Prime Minister. — In addition, the Commission of the Ministry of agriculture took into consideration 146 investment projects that are already being implemented; the estimated need for subsidies on investments loans is 800 million rubles. Most of this amount is accounted for 46 credits for the construction, reconstruction and acquisition of equipment, including eight in the dairy industry".

According to operational information of the Ministry of agriculture, other regions of Chernozem region also receive less Federal funding this year. According to the Ministry, on November 24, Belgorod region received 8.94 billion rubles out of provided 9.31 billion rubles, Kursk region— 4,16 billion rubles out of 4,25 billion rubles, Lipetsk — 3.38 out of 4,43 billion rubles, Orel and Tambov regions, according to operational information, received 2,138 out of 2,139% and 3.46 out of 3.68 billion rubles correspondingly.

Regional officials have earlier explained to "Kommersant" that the shortcomings of the Federal subsidies in the main areas of support may lead to a "significant reduction in investment activity" in the industry, and some companies have to wait for the compensation even after the start-up of new enterprises. Among such objects may be, for example, a new dairy complex of EkoNiva group for 2.8 thousand heads in the Liskin district of Voronezh region — it must be opened in December, and the Ministry has not yet considered the application of the local authorities on compensation to the group about 250 million rubles of capital expenditures.

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