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Fire red rooster is a symbol of the year for the industry. He pecked all of us, and then we ran and shouted: "Mercury!", "Mercury!", "Mercury!". In my results of the year there will be minimum of suggestions about EVC, Ros of all nadzor and Mercury. Mikhail Mishchenko, editor of The DairyNews, took the initiative to write about it himself separately.

Let us remember what happened in the industry, who achieved what against the background of constant discussions of "Mercury" and new records in the harvest.


The most discussable event of this year was the introduction of electronic veterinary certification. And the most long-awaited for 99% participants of the industry was the postponement of the implementation of the system.

Event of the year came on December 20. On this day the State Duma in the third reading adopted the bill, proposing the transfer of mandatory electronic veterinary certification from 1 January to 1 July 2018. Everyone has exhaled! Including the Rosselkhoznadzor, because nobody has known yet their terrible secret.


Another important event of the year was the launch of a new mechanism to support the dairy industry - concessional lending. Banks issued loans directly to the industry at 5% or below.

According to statements of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, the new system of lending to the agricultural sector helped to attract more than 700 billion rubles of credits.

However, the participants of the industry have repeatedly complained that not everyone was able to get loans.

Surprisingly, but even in the Ministry of agriculture they noted the uneven distribution of soft loans to large agricultural holdings. The Deputy Head of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Igor Kuzin cited the data according to which from the amount of the agreed concessional loans (503.8 billion) more than 77 billion rubles or 15.3% accounted for investment lending of strategic organizations, whereas small farms have received 27.4 billion rubles, or 5.4%.


At the request of readers this year we have introduced a new nomination - "The nix of the year". On November 17, Oleg Sirota found in the State Duma smuggled DorBlu. What a surprise! We've introduced a grocery embargo! How could smuggled cheese get into the State Duma?

Before August 28, the News Agency DairyNews have published an article detailing how the smuggled cheese get on the shelves of major retailers.

After the article was published the Rosselkhoznadzor asked prosecutors to inspect the packer of DorBlu cheese - LLC Allgoy. But there were no consequences, and the Great cheese maker Oleg Sirota Orphan went into the fight.



In the course of "International Agricultural Dairy forum" in Moscow, the Minister of agriculture Alexander Tkachev admitted that not long ago he learned a new word – goat breeding. Then he promised that goat breeders will be allocated a budget since 1 January 2018. 

That's it! He leaned a new word and immediately supported!


Stefan Duerr is a modern hero of the dairy industry!

Only during this year he: 

  • built a farm in Voronezh region for 2.04 billion rubles; 
  • bought the Voronezh plant "ANNINSKOE MILK", previously owned by Pepsi Co for 600-700 million rubles (editor’s note - according to analysts). The volume of processing is 200 tons of raw milk;
  • opened a farm in Kaluga region for 2,800 head and invested another 2.8 billion rubles into the industry;  
  • bought JSC "MOSMEDYNAGROPROM" with 7000 head of cattle and a plant of processing capacity 77 tons of milk per day for 1.55 billion rubles;  
  • built a farm in Novosibirsk region for 3 billion rubles, where there will be kept 5000 head of cattle; 
  • reached the daily milk production of 1,000 tons on all farms! 

Mr. Duerr plans: 

  • to build a plant for the production of hard and semi-hard cheeses with a daily volume of milk processing 600 tons by 2019. The cheese is planned to be sold in the Siberian Federal district and the regions of the European part of Russia and to be exported abroad — to China and European countries;
  • to build a new cattle-breeding complex in Novosibirsk region; 
  • to purchase assets of "Oka-Agro" for 3.5 billion rubles (editor’s note - according to participants of the market); 
  • to construct two complexes for 10 thousand head in Orenburg region, and 2 dairy complexes for 2.8 thousand head in Voronezh and Kursk regions.
  • to achieve the daily milk production of 2000 tons! 

Stefan Duerr, Bravo! You are a true hero! 


Alexey Bogdanov, head of the Department of the foreign economic activities of the Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Belarus.

Alexey Bogdanov is a very active person and has achieved so much!

In 2017 the Head of the Department of the foreign economic activities: 

  • diversified the export of Belarusian agricultural products; 
  • set a goal to annually export dairy products at $ 2 billion; 
  • increased exports to China, Venezuela, UAE, Africa, Sudan, Syria, Armenia; 
  • brought Belarus into the top five world exporters of dairy products; 
  • discussed the creation of a joint venture with Sudan; 
  • helps to create a large agro-industrial complex in Egypt; 
  • offered to Danone to build a farm in Belarus; 
  • participated in the IX Dairy Olympics. 

Agree, very few people could compete in this category with Alexey Bogdanov! 



For me personally, and for the edition it is very important to help people in difficult situations. Interview of the year was an interview with Natalya Zolotukhina, a wife of Victor Pavlovich Ognev, the man on whose farm there was found FMD in 2016. In June 2017, Viktor Ognev was taken into custody and charged with stealing 30 million rubles. In this difficult situation Natalya Zolotukhina decided to tell the truth and to encourage the public to help. Many people have responded! And Viktor Pavlovich was released!


By the number of publications this year the Author of the year was Victor Madison. 

Thank you for interesting materials! 

The number of publications in 2017: 8 
The total number of viewings of all articles: 47 668 
The number of comments to the published materials: 13 


In 2017 most viewed photo report was the "Motor Rally Way to milk!". During the event the participants visited Novosibirsk region, the Altai Republic and Altai Krai.
The most viewed photo reports: 



While farmers produce milk and factories produce dairy products...Consumers quickly and truly cease to buy them. 

Some believe that there is still a deficit in Russia, and the milk will still be in demand... The second replace dairy products in their diet with other sources of protein, calcium and other trace elements.

Gentlemen, it's time to improve the image of milk! While we produce milk and dairy products, we do not want to realize the obvious - that no one will need it soon! The lactose free trend has already come to Russia and in a very short time it will be spread!

Just think! In 2016 the world consumption for long time decreased by 2.96 million tons! People first started talking about this at the International Dairy Summit.

It is time for us to resume the reputation of milk at the country level, and not behind the scenes on the pages in social networks that consumers do not read!

It will be possible to solve the problem of decreasing demand by creating organization that will be responsible for improving the image. The representative offices of the organization should be present in all 9 districts of the Russian Federation. And from each district a program should be developed how to improve the image of milk depending on problems and products which are peculiar to the district.

Funding of the organization must be done by milk producers and processors by volunteer force, depending on the districts where they are presented.

There are many good examples that work. But the first and most important, what we have to realize - it's time for us to do image of milk!

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Братское молоко

Производство молока в Беларуси сохраняет позитивную динамику, хотя прирост в 2018 году оказался явно не таким высоким, как ожидалось. Куда движется рынок братской республики и какими видят перспективы дальнейшей работы российские и белорусские «молочники» – выяснял корреспондент The DairyNews.
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