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For example, diary producers have different opinions as to the optimal merit of the die-cut lid tear force – one of the main factors in the packaging process. Requirements vary from 5 to 12 n/m. A tension testing machine will allow controlling the level, fine-tuning the equipment for particular customer needs, keeping the indicators stable. The automated machine tests the product for breaking force, elongation at break, and the tearing force of sealed samples.  

To improve the sealing quality, the laboratory was equipped with an automated sealer. The sealer works within a wide temperature range, with the accuracy of up to 0,1 degree, and the maximum pressure limit of 10 bar. The automated machine allows sealing samples with constant welding seam width, which guarantees equal testing conditions.

The laboratory is also equipped with an automated thickness tester, an air-tightness tester, and an attrition tester that checks the paint and lacquer coating for mechanical corruption resistance with an electronic microscope. This more thorough and detailed raw material and final product control goes in line with the requirements of the biggest dairy and pharma companies operating according to the European standards. This work will entail production optimization and will contribute to the increased customer satisfaction.

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Молоко просится в Китай

Весь молочный мир пристально смотрит на китайский рынок. По оценкам аналитиков, в 2024 году КНР понадобится столько же молока, сколько производят Австралия и Новая Зеландия вместе.
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Как я открыл Америку

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