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In the framework of the state program "Agriculture of the Moscow region" the Ministry of agriculture and food of Moscow region held a lot of competitions in 2017, the winners of which received grants for different purposes.

"This year, to support our farmers there were provided 44 grants in the amount of more than 300 million rubles. 32 of them - to support beginning farmers for a total amount of 73 million rubles, including 41.3 million rubles from the budget of Moscow region. 8 grants were allocated for development of family livestock farms for a total amount of 126.5 million rubles, including 83,7 million rubles from the regional budget. And 1 grant for the development of material-technical base of agricultural consumer cooperative in the amount of 42.8 million rubles, of which 24.1 million rubles is from the regional budget", - said the Minister of agriculture and food of Moscow region Andrey Razin.

The Minister stressed that since 2017 for farms engaged in priority activities for Moscow region, like in particular breeding of cattle, the maximum grant has increased 2 times. For beginning farmers - from 1.5 to 3 million rubles, and for cattle breeding farms - from 21.6 to 43.2 million rubles.

"Also in 2017 for the first time not only in Moscow region but also in Russia, there were held competitive events to provide grant to small farms that implement programs for the development of cheese production in Moscow region. By the results of the contest there were provided 3 grants for a total amount of 60 million rubles", - said Andrey Razin.

The Minister added that funding for the event is only at the expense of the regional budget. The grantees will receive funds in the 3rd decade of December this year.

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