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This was reported on the official page on Facebook by Oleg Sirota, according to The DairyNews.

"There will be more than 80 cheese makers from all over Russia. 120 tons of cheese is on the way to the capital of! We can forget of Western sanctions for the New Year and Christmas: we will bring to Moscow Tula Gorgonzola, semi-hard cheese produced in Moscow region, Krasnodar Camembert, Kaluga mozzarella, Yaroslavl Cecotto, flavoured cheeses from Lipetsk region and many others! It is not possible to enumerate all of them. During “Cheese weeks” dairies from Karelia, the Crimea, Kazakhstan and the Altai mountains make their debut - every day there are more and more of us. The locomotive of import substitution in Russia is accelerating slowly and will soon go in full force," - said Oleg Sirota.

He noted that the participation of farmers is absolutely free.

For those who wish to take part, wrote Oleg Sirota, it is possible to send a request by mail sirotaoleg@yandex.ru

We remind that in the framework of the “Cheese weeks” the at the festival "Golden autumn" farmers cheese-makers have sold more than 60 tons of cheese.

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