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The issue was discussed at a meeting of the budget Commission of Tver region under the chairmanship of Igor Rudenya.

Funds will be directed to the increase of the rate of subsidies to agricultural producers for produced and sold milk to 1.87 rubles per kilogram. This is 50 kopecks more than the current price – 1.37 ruble.

The task of dairy farming development in the regions of non-Chernozem zone was set by President of Russia Vladimir Putin during his visit to Tver region last summer.
"Increased support is very important for the industry. This is the sector of economy, which generates added value and jobs for residents of the region. We need to support our agricultural producers. Additional funds will reduce the load on them in the production of milk, improve product quality," said Igor Rudenya at the meeting of the Budget Committee.

The development of dairy farming in Tver region was reported about by Igor Rudenya to President Vladimir Putin at the meeting in August this year.

One of the major projects completed in recent years was the construction of a dairy farm in the village Ruchji of Konakovo district with a capacity of livestock breeding complex up to 6 thousand head of cattle. There is an increase not only in the volumes of milk production but also the marketability of the products.

In Tver region there was set a Russian record for the yield of milk by the results of last year. For 305 days three cows of black and white breed gave 20702 kg, 17223 kg and 16286 kg of milk respectively. The content of fat in milk exceeded 4%, and the protein content in some cases reached 5.4%.

In total by preliminary results the farms in the region produced 153 thousand tons of milk in 2017.

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