Campinas / SP, Brazil

Dairy Vision 2018 will take place in Brazil

The fourth edition of Dairy Vision 2018 will take place in Campinas / SP, Brazil, on November 28th and 29th. In partnership with Zenith Global, a British consultancy that organizes the Global Dairy Congress, the event organized by Brazilian company AgriPoint has turned iself the most relevant dairy meeting focused in strategy, market opportunities and trends, consumer trends and innovation regarding dairyt products in Latin America. "We expect around 300 executives from the main dairy companies in Brazil and neighbouring countries, offering excellent networking and knowledge opportunities, "according to Marcelo Carvalho, the organizer of the event.

Check out some photos of Dairy Vision 2017:

The food and beverage sector in Brazil and other LATAM countries have been undergoing significant transformations, with the emergence of important consumption trends, generating both opportunities and challenges for the dairy sector, such as:

  • Growing demand for consumer products with intolerances and allergies;

  • Greater transparency in labels, certifications and sustainability;

  • Change in shopping habits (e-commerce, wholesale stores, neighborhood stores and signature clubs) and consumer profiles;

  • Look for fitness, organic food and products with less sugar and ingredients. Consequently, opportunities for healthy snacks, practical and functional for the day to day;

  • Commercialization of products competing with dairy products such as vegetable drinks;

  • Greater conversion of people to vegetarianism and veganism;

  • New technologies associated with the moment of purchase and the daily life of people;

  • Demand for protein foods, among others.

Dairy Vision will be the focal point of these discussions and will bring together leading professionals - entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketing principals and others - related to the dairy industry.

The programming of the event - which is being elaborated in detail - will be announced soon and will feature 20 national and international presentations. Success stories, startups and renowned dairy companies are part of this picture. The debates arising from the lectures are intended to generate constructive debates that will add much to the future of the sector.

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